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What's Your Roof Cost

This is a simple approach to roof pricing for ballpark expectations. Take your total roof square footage or the footprint of your building & multiply by the numbers provided. For example, if your building is 20K sq ft, a 10 – 20 Year Coating would run $60K – 120k in cost.


$ Per Sqft

  • Repairs with Renewable Annual Warranty
  • 10 - 20 Year Warranted Coating
  • Single Ply Layover TPO & EPDM
  • Full Replacement Single Ply & Metal
  • $.75 - 1
  • $3.50 - 5.50
  • $6.50 - 10
  • $11 - 18

If you could get your current roof repaired and under warranty, it’s a no-brainer. Coating systems can oftentimes completely pause the aging process and be installed with a little business interruption. That is if the roof hasn’t been let go for too long!

Tear-off costs depend on a few things such as how many layers, what type of decking is under the roof & does it pond water? Those are a few of the variants to consider that we look at when creating a proposal. A single-ply layover can be done under ideal conditions where there is typically only one layer existing.

These are real numbers. In fact, one of the mistakes people make is they underestimate the square footage of the roof & parapet walls included. Take your sq ft & add 15% including the knee walls. This should give you an accurate multiplier & bring about confidence when creating a budget.

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